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The Danville Business Alliance exists to serve its members by making it easier for them to open, operate and grow their business in Danville.

Facade Grant Program

To further its mission of preserving historic and architecturally significant structures in its downtown district, the DBA has developed façade design guidelines and standards with the cooperation of Danville Borough and the Danville Historical and Architectural Review Board. These guidelines and standards are also the basis of a state-funded façade grant program administered by the DBA for improvement of commercial structures in the central business district that is affordable and also meets the requirements of historic preservation.

Through its participation in the Commonwealth’s Main Street Program, the DBA receives funding over a multi-year period from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development to assist downtown Danville business and property owners to finance façade improvements. To be eligible, commercial property and business owners must be located in the Main Street Program area, which largely includes what is already zoned as the central business district, and whose boundaries generally follow Pennsylvania Route 54, Spruce Street, Ferry Street, Mill Street, and Front Street. Click here to see a map of the Main Street Program Area.

The façade grant funds are provided to business and property owners in the form of matching grants, and the DBA will be able to award $50,000 in grants through 2019. Grant recipients must match dollar for dollar the amount of money received from the DBA. Funding may be allocated to any one business location for up to 50 percent (50%) of the total project not to exceed total reimbursement of $5,000 per storefront.

Anyone who owns or leases commercial property in the designated downtown program area is eligible to apply, however tenants must have the written approval of the building’s owner. Buildings with outstanding code violations are not eligible for this grant.

The DBA Façade Design Committee has developed a comprehensive set of Design Guidelines to serve as a reference guide. The Design Guidelines offer basic information about applicable standards of physical improvements, which have proven to be effective in the revitalization of other downtown business districts throughout Pennsylvania. In addition, the Design Guidelines establish a set of principles to ensure that improvements are consistent with the history of downtown Danville, and the scale and character of its architecture. These principles stress good property maintenance and preservation of original architectural features and encourage the compatibility of any replacement architectural elements and building additions. Copies of the Design Guidelines and grant applications are available at the DBA office or to download them, please click here.

Examples of the types of improvements which are eligible under the DBA Façade Grant Program Design Guidelines are signs, awnings, repair and/or restoration of storefront exteriors, and the cost of professional design services. Since this list is not exhaustive, potential applicants are advised to first obtain and review a copy of the Design Guidelines, and if necessary, discuss their proposed project with the DBA Façade Design Committee.

The DBA will review applications, determine eligibility, and approve the buildings to receive assistance. Projects will be evaluated on the basis of quality, design compatibility, and the level of visual and economic impact. If more applications are received than there is money available, grants will be awarded from available funds on a first-come, first-serve basis to eligible applicants. Applicants not funded can re-apply, if additional funding should become available.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the DBA office at either 284-4502 or 284-4503, or visit the DBA office at 620 Mill Street in Danville. Normal business hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.


New Business Support

Business Relocation and Expansion

If you are an entrepreneur thinking about starting a business, or a business owner considering moving your existing business to Danville, then you know that location is important. Downtown Danville is in the midst of a renaissance and many business owners have chosen to relocate from nearby communities or add a Danville location.

The DBA is here to assist with your decision-making process. We can connect you with community resources, provide historical perspective, and share an inventory of available on- and off-market spaces. Vacancy rates are at a historic low in Danville, but there are ample development opportunities if you work with the right partners. The DBA is the leading development expert in Danville and can provide unbiased advice and assistance.

We would love to help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams in Danville.


Existing Business Support


Our members are benefiting from Danville’s renaissance, as evidenced by the number of businesses that have expanded or located in recent years. The DBA is here to help by connecting you with resources, providing a historical perspective, and sharing a list of existing on- and off-market properties.

Education and Training

As a benefit of membership, the DBA often offers members free or discounted access to workshops and training conducted by the Small Business Development Center at Bucknell University, the Small Business Administration, and others.

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