Arts and Entertainment

Spurred by the involvement of an active community of artists and public interest, Danville is creating an arts district in the heart of its downtown.

The sounds of live music, colorful public murals, craft and artisan festivals, and interactive art displays all mark the Danville experience. Looking forward, the largest boost to Danville’s arts and entertainment standing could come with the creation of a new arts and culture center in the former Capitol Theater.

While a major theater development might be in the future, the DBA created the Danville Area Arts, to maximize the community’s current arts and entertainment experience. The Arts Council exists to enrich our community with a robust offering of arts-themed events. Innovative offerings include Art in Bars, where fine art works from Bucknell University are artfully paired with microbrews from Old Forge Brewery and a pop-up art party featuring works from the Samek Art Museum at Bucknell University, the Degenstein Gallery at Susquehanna University, and local artists curated by the Danville Arts Council.

Our cultural heritage is preserved and celebrated by the Montour County Historical Society, which is located in the Montgomery House at the corner of Mill and Bloom Streets.